peter pick

sex and religion

a selection of songs from various solo recordings made by Peter Pick over a 15 year period and featuring him as singer, guitarist, saxophonist, percussionist, lyricist, programmer, engineer, songwriter, producer and ultimately victim.

listen to          perfectly normal world

          we're all living on american radio




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songs recorded posthumously since my sudden death. tragically comical, comically tragic,

 thoughtful and intense and loud and introspective.


listen to           let me down

even there

time i wasted

          uncanny (special version)

                  nobody knows


'deadbeat' includes 12 original guitar-based songs:

full track list:

1  let me down

2  just can't stand it

3  decoupling

4  think

5  never coming home

6  uncanny

7  breathe

8  time i wasted

9  even there

10 the angels

11 the gatefold dead

12 nobody knows

+ uncanny 3

13 tracks in all. this is not a confessional 'singer-songwriter' album, it contains both humour and fiction.


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disableton project


new music made in a different way out of bits of old music and things i found on the floor. for starters we can try

the birds

which is constructed from some birdsong i recorded in spain, some saba-saba music from mozambique, and a little piece of live sex from the early 1980's.







vocal loop improvisations with a strange hypnotic quality.

you wouldn't like it,

(unless you did.)


 'holding these things so close'








pure abstract and compound vocal music (with drum machine) from Peter Pick.

very ugly and stupid.

listen to                  liminal






live and tape performances of poems by Peter Pick.

not as bad as you'd think.








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