meshmass see their music not only as a self-contained musical experience (that is, something to listen to) but also as an opensource soundtrack for arts projects and collaborative work. for an annual subscription of 10 they undertake to provide you with at least 60 minutes of new meshmassmusic per month.

buy their cd set and subscription together for 15. if you buy their entire output and all their equipment and furniture they will throw in a free sink plunger.                                                                                     



subscribe below through paypal

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10 for one year.... that's over 12 hours of original, enjoyable, unusual and atmospheric music for the price of a cd....  you can even get both together for a mere 15



or buy the double cd set point of entry for 12.00 including postage                           

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meshmass welcome the use of their music as ambience in exhibition spaces, shops, restaurants and other public areas, and actively encourage its use in video, film, theatre, dance, drama and art installations. remixes, looping and collaborative projects are welcome.


as meshmass peter pick and richard miles reconvene their longstanding collaboration in a new guise. pick manipulates pre-recorded loops and plays alto sax and richard plays various stringed instruments, some of which have had their frets cruelly removed. the combination, a mixture of unpredictable improvisation and selected nuggets from all over the place contrives to combine solidity with surprise. we are confident that you will enjoy this new style, and hope that you will care to sample it below.


aural witness announce a double cd  meshmass release which selects a tiny proportion of the music they have made during their first 6 months.

this is called               point of entry

and costs only 10. we hope it will act as an introduction to their developing soundfield.

here are 2 pieces to try.   versions of these tracks are on point of entry:

           opening violins                                                          sing a long sky




and here are places you can hear more and newer meshmass to see if you might like to subscribe:                                                                                                 




we are pleased to announce the release of meshmass's first cd set, called point of entry.

9 pieces over 2 discs. only 10.

15 with a subscription.